Patrick Coffin

Disturbingly good magic. On a comedy bun.

About Patrick Coffin

About Patrick Coffin

Patrick has been a professional magician for over 11 years, first in Los Angeles, and now in San Diego where he makes his home. If you’re looking to put the wow factor into your next event, you’ll be really glad you booked Patrick Coffin. He understands that your guests and friends want to be entertained to the max, and he tailors each show around your chosen theme: birthday, wedding anniversary, staff party, sports team banquet, good-bye gathering, or corporate event. Patrick’s unique blend of elegance and comedy will leave your guests hungry for more. In addition to classic close-up magic, he is also a mind hacker who can read minds, predict the future, and bend metal (yes, examinable) objects with his mind, all of which create memories for years to come.   Free Coffin Magic trivia! For three years in a row, was the featured entertainer at the Olsen twins’ family Christmas party. Has done street magic on Hollywood Boulevard Was co-sponsored into the International Brotherhood of Magicians by the legendary Harry Lorayne and Mark Wilson Contributing writer for The Magic Cafe, a global website for magicians Author and host of a national radio show that is heard on...

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 “Patrick entertained and bedazzled everyone, old and young.  Before and after his 45-minute show, guests would ask him to perform something for them, and he always had an answer with a trick with which he weaved his wit seamlessly.  We’re still wondering how he could have possibly performed his feats.  And we got major kudos for finding and bringing in such a talent.” John and Rita Kasawa, El Cajon, California
 “During my 16 years in professional baseball, I have played in MLB All Star Games, personally witnessed pitchers throwing knuckle-balls, 103 MPH fast balls, spit-balls, hidden ball tricks, triple plays, no hitters, web gems and bloopers — unveiled before my very eyes. All of these feats left me in awe.  Well, I recently brought in Patrick Coffin for a house party and he was AWESOME!!!  Well, likewise, from the 60+year-old adults to the 3-year-old kids in the house, everyone was left in awe.  For a moment, the friends at the party were able to get a glimpse of my time being left in awe as a Major League Baseball Player.” – Mike Sweeney, Five-Time MLB All Star, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
“Now THAT was amazing!” – Collin Raye, Country recording artist and five-time Grammy Male Vocalist of the Year
“I have seen Patrick Coffin “working his magic” in the past. I recently planned a big 50th Anniversary party for my parents, and they requested that I hire Patrick to entertain our guests. The entertainment he provided was spectacular! Our family and guests (ages 6 – 75) were astonished and completely captivated by his magic show. Patrick also did some special, customized just for my parents in celebration of their anniversary. Patrick was definitely the life of the party, and I would really say that he exceeded all my expectations. I’m sure we will hire Patrick again.” Linda Pearlman, San Diego, CA
“Now THAT was amazing!” – Collin Raye, Country recording artist and five-time Grammy Male Vocalist of the Year
“Patrick Coffin is absolutely amazing! As a magician, he is equally good with adults or kids, and just when you think he has done his best magic he comes up with something even more spectacular.” Kelly and Jerry Sinclair, El Cajon, CA